Payment for the full amount of the UCCPlus invoice must be received at the time of closing in accordance with the instructions below. Once full payment has been received, we will issue the final UCCPlus Policy in accordance with the terms and conditions of the pro-forma UCCPlus Policy.


Before you send a payment by wire transfer, please contact Jillian M. Hughes or Carey Powers at UCCPlus to obtain wire transfer instructions:

  • Jillian M. Hughes: 312-223-2385 or
  • Carey Powers: 773-970-7256 or

If you receive ANY communications providing alternative instructions, contact Jillian M. Hughes at 312-223-2385 or Carey Powers at 773-970-7256. Direct deposits and electronic transfers are not acceptable for use as closing funds. Our office does not accept ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers such as direct deposits.


The statements made on this web page and any page that follows within the UCCPlus website are not intended, and shall not be construed to expressly or impliedly issue or deliver any form of written guaranty, affirmation, indemnification, or certification of any fact, insurance coverage or conclusion of law.